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Fill out our submission form below so we know who you are, and how you want your book described.

Mail us just 5 books to start.

(Don't worry - we'll send you a check, and ask for more as soon as they sell!)

What WE do...

We make a spot in our store dedicated to showcasing your book on poemsfromthepoetsheart.com, with the sole purpose of SELLING YOUR book. It includes your own custom web page, links back to your own website, reviews, and all of the text and descriptions you want.

We give this page an easy web address where you can tell people to buy your book (www.poemsfromthepoetsheart.com/store.html).

Our site gets thousands of hits a day from people who are looking for new independent books to buy!

We take all orders for your book online. Payment is made through our secure pay pal account, and shipped to the customer within 7-14 days.
We Email you every time your book is sold to tell you who bought it!

Another option is to sell your book in PDF form. The selling process is the same except you don't have to send any books. All you need to do is email us your PDF version of your book and we will set up the payment process and add a download page so that the buyer can then download the PDF and have their book right away.

How the MONEY works...

You set your selling price at whatever you want.

We keep 30% per book sold.

We have 2 options for you receiving your money:

Option one:
You can have your money transferred to your Pay Pal account if you have one. If you do not have one you can get it at: www.paypal.com

Option two:
We pay checks every month to everyone who wants to be paid! (You get to set your "pay point" - so you really can be paid whenever you want!) example: 1st of the month, middle or end of the month. How's THAT for seller-friendly?!)

There is a one-time-ever $35 charge to set up a new book in our store, with everything we described above. (It takes us about 30 minutes of work to put a new book into our system and website)

That $35 lasts forever (or until you don't want to sell that book anymore.) So we will never tell you that it isn't selling enough, or you're not important. Even if you only sell 1 book every 5 years, we'll be glad to warehouse it and take orders for it here.

It's easier than you think...

This is totally non-exclusive. There are no contracts to sign. We don't want to own the rights to you. We're just a book store, like any other! (Except that thousands of people a day come here to buy independent books like yours!)

You don't need a UPC barcode to sell at poemsfromthepoetsheart.

You don't need to have your book shrink-wrapped.

You don't need to send us graphics, or anything else. Just fill out our submission form, and send us 5 books. We do the rest.

Any questions?
email us us or call (613) 967-8003.
Someone's almost always here in our office, and we're glad to help.

Otherwise click here for our submission form NOW to start selling!


Book Form

Your information in this form is 100% confidential and for the purpose of doing business with you only.
Please make sure to fill in all fields.

Email Address (we need to have this so we can contact you about your submission - please double check for accuracy)
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Postal Code
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Sex  M       F  
Type of book (paperback/soft cover, etc.)
Your selling price in Canadian $
Genre (cook book/Christian/science fiction, etc.)
Would you like option 1 or 2 ?
How do you want your book described? Feel free to leave any comments. I am looking forward to working with you on a great new business  relationship. (Your comment can be between 400 and 1,500 words max.)

Please feel free to email us if you can help us or with any questions you may have.

Please feel free to review our Privacy Policy.


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